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GENERAL . This site contains basic information about cookies that Drumlife doo uses on its website. Additional information is always available at the e-mail address

COOKIES . A cookie is a small text file that stores web page settings so as to enrich the user experience. Individual websites store cookies on the devices of their users with which they access the Internet, in order to identify individual devices and settings that users have used in their access. Cookies enable web pages to identify if the user has visited this website in the past (it is information about the user's IP address, browser type, demographic data, URLs of web pages through which the user accessed the website and similar). This also applies to more advanced applications, so that they can be used to adjust individual settings accordingly. The storage of cookies is under the full control of the browser used by the user, which means that the user himself influences the storage of cookies and, at his own discretion, restricts or disables their storage. Cookies are of different types, e.g. in terms of their lifespan, it distinguishes how long individual cookies are stored on the user's computer. These are the "temporary or. meeting "and" permanent or stored ”cookies. Temporary cookies are stored only for the duration of an individual visit to the website and are then automatically deleted the moment the web browser closes. On the other hand, persistent cookies remain on the user's device even after the user is no longer online: they are stored on the device for a certain period of time and are then reactivated when the website on which they were created is revisited. In addition to the described (own) cookies of Drumlife doo, there are also other cookies (3rd party cookies), which originate from other, linked websites, and can display advertisements on the website or measure traffic. In this way, third parties may collect data on users from various websites and use them for various purposes, from advertising, analytics, to improving their products, but Drumlife doo has no influence on this, nor is it responsible for such cookies. These cookies represent a major invasion of user privacy.

PURPOSE AND IDENTIFICATION . Drumlife doo uses cookies in order to understand the user experience on the website, to identify which information is most useful for visitors, to adapt the content and processes on the website to these findings and improve it in a way that the user more friendly and understandable. Cookies are used to count the number of visitors to the page, cookies to explore how visitors move around the page to determine how best to place content on the page, cookies to detect a favorite language, cookies necessary for operation of websites and the like. Cookies on the website do not collect personal data of users, which could be used to personally identify an individual user, nor can they damage the user's computer, tablet or mobile phone.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS . In addition to its own cookies, the website uses Google Analytics, in order to optimize the website, and gold to collect statistics of views.

CONSENT . By using the website, the user expressly agrees that this website sets cookies on a computer, mobile device or tablet. In the event that the user does not agree with the use of cookies from the website, it is necessary to stop using the website immediately.

MANAGEMENT AND DELETION . If the user wants to change the way cookies are used in the browser, including blocking or deleting, he can do so by changing the browser settings accordingly. To manage cookies, most browsers allow cookies to be accepted or rejected, or only certain types of cookies to be accepted. Cookies stored by the browser can also be deleted directly. If the browser cookie file is changed or deleted, or if the browser or device is changed or upgraded, the user will have to re-enable cookies.








The cookie uses a security system to prevent gross foca attacks and does not allow the identification of an individual user.

Until the session closes



The cookie is used by Facebook for the purpose of advertising various products, such as to display offers in real time from other advertisers.

1 year



The cookie is used in Google Analytics to expedite the processing of claims. The data recorded on Google Analytics is in an impersonal form.

1 min

_icl_current_admin_language_ *


This cookie stores the language selection on the website. It does not contain personal user information and is necessary for the proper display of content.

Until the session closes



Google Analytics - The cookie is used to monitor traffic statistics and analytics

1 day



A Facebook cookie designed to provide advertising services

3 months



Collects internal / anonymous data on user activities. Used to improve the user experience.

Until the session closes



A cookie that records whether a cookie box / notification has been displayed.

1 year

POLICY VALIDITY . The policy on the use of web cookies applies from the time of publication until revocation or possible change. The rules were last updated on June 3, 2019.


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